Custom Wiring Harnesses

Years of Experience in Wiring

With our dedication to operational quality and serviceability, Defender Supply has invested in the latest technology for wire harness manufacturing. We recognized over the years the operation of installed emergency equipment is more reliant on what you can’t see as opposed to what you can. Understanding that consistency in how we wire a vehicle as well as the quality of that wiring harness is paramount to delivering consistent quality.  For years, Defender Supply painstakingly created each of these wiring harnesses by hand in order to fulfill the needs of each build. The variations created by creating the harnesses by hand along with the painfully slow production process was not an acceptable solution. In 2019, Defender Supply streamlined their process by investing in several wire processing machines and created a department dedicated to building consistent, high quality harnesses. This is the same technology and quality level used in the aerospace industry to build harnesses for fighter jets. This allows Defender Supply to not only create exact harness configurations needed in a fraction of the time, it also creates harnesses with more precision with the result being long lasting reliability. Now that’s progress.


We not only manufacture wiring harness for our use, we also build for agencies that perform their own installations. Let us know your exact needs and we will work together to deliver a custom harness that meets all your needs. 


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