Radar Certification

Defender Supply, a nationally recognized leader in emergency vehicle equipment supply and installation, offers traffic radar certification services. All traffic radar units are required to be certified annually by the manufacturers and some states have laws requiring annual certification. Completing annual certification will help ensure the acceptance of a radar speed produced citation in court. Our technicians are fast, efficient, reliable, and use state of the art Pro-Tect equipment. Certification takes only 15 minutes per vehicle, and can be done on-site with zero equipment removal.


Once the testing process is completed and the unit has passed, your department will be presented with printed and PDF copies of the court-accepted certificate. To ensure the integrity of the certification process, the software and test results are tamper-proof, and all data is securely backed up on Defender Supply servers for future retrieval.


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Services And Benefits Offered By Defender Supply:

  • Radar certification takes place at your department or you can mail your equipment to us Minimal downtime – only 15 minutes per vehicle
  • Certification of all X, K, and Ka band traffic radar units and tuning forks

  • Audio tone speed simulation tests provided for X, K, and Ka bands

  • Center frequency measured for X, K, and Ka bands

  • Signed, printed certificate provided to meet your state and court requirements

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