Police Upfit

Defender Supply is your one stop shop for Ready-to-Roll emergency vehicle packages. We maintain relationships various dealerships offering the entire line of emergency vehicles and we’re Master Distributors for all major emergency equipment manufacturers. Offering the entire package under one roof not only makes your procurement job easier, it allows your funds to go further. We know what it takes to be a preferred supplier and we’re ready to prove it to you.


To help get you started, our Vehicle Configurator begins with our Ready-To-Roll base packages. These packages are configured based on the most popular vehicle configurations we are asked to build. Our customer friendly process from start to finish allows you to take delivery of a vehicle, insert the key, and hit the streets. Every package can be altered and customized to fit your department’s specific needs. So, don’t be disappointed if the configurator does not include a component you need. Simply complete the selections you can make on the configurator then contact us to complete the build with an estimate developed specifically for you. As always, you can contact us directly to go over your build requirements and skip the configurator all together. Your choice.


Defender Supply’s mission is to help first responder agencies reach their maximum potential by providing the highest quality turnkey emergency vehicle packages and equipment. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, one stop shop convenience, and best in class quality and customer service.